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15-Sep-2012, 04:36

here I have an old german plate camera that I modified to accept an 8x10 back.
Because the new back is larger, it can only be used in horizontal orientation. To shoot vertical, I have to tilt the camera 90 degrees on the tripod head. But with all the weight (camera is about 10 pounds) pulling down asymmetrically, its not very stable.

So I wanted to ask , if there's is some kind of bracket, like there is for dslrs, that allows vertical mounting of the camera. I'm thinking about building something from an angled piece of steel or so. But it has to be sturdy and not too heavy of course.

Thanks for any suggestions, maybe there is a commercial product available.


19-Sep-2012, 10:19

to make it more clear. Here is an image of the camera.
What would you do, to mount it sideways on the tripodhead,
for vertical composition?



Len Middleton
19-Sep-2012, 14:43
I do remember seeing an image of a massive bracket for a 8x20 panoramic camera to mount it vertically.

As you are no doubt now aware that the trick is to get the lateral centre of gravity over the centreline of the tripod.

I remember it being a massive bracket with stiffeners to ensure it did not open up.

I think the bracket was being offered for sale here or on APUG.

Good luck.

Sal Santamaura
19-Sep-2012, 14:54
...So I wanted to ask , if there's is some kind of bracket...that allows vertical mounting of the camera...See the Vertical mounting device at the center right of this page


and its price of 250 Euro at the bottom right of page one here:


Len Middleton
19-Sep-2012, 15:14
Here ir is and very similar to the Lotus: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?75964-Vertical-Bracket-for-7x17-amp-8x20-Cameras&highlight=vertical+bracket

19-Sep-2012, 15:17
Thanks very much for your answers!

that's about what I was searching for. Expensive. But rightnow I am thinking about using a stronger head, maybe the Gitzo PL.5 could handle it.


Sal Santamaura
19-Sep-2012, 15:27
Here ir is and very similar to the Lotus: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?75964-Vertical-Bracket-for-7x17-amp-8x20-Cameras&highlight=vertical+bracketThat one is welded/brazed together, thereby occupying lots of space when being transported. The Lotus version folds up.

19-Sep-2012, 15:57
I really don't recommend that you try this with an antique camera. You can easily find a modern bracket that is strong enough to hold it, that doesn't mean the camera itself can withstand the stress of being on it's side, held only by a tripod socket. They are simply not designed for that.

19-Sep-2012, 16:06

thanks for your concerns. But I attached a strong base plate that covers the whole bottom part to the camera (you can't see it in my poor photograph). Inside this plate I put new tripod sockets, so I think it should work if I find an appropriate head or a bracket. the camera is quite stable.


Len Middleton
20-Sep-2012, 03:15
That one is welded/brazed together, thereby occupying lots of space when being transported. The Lotus version folds up.


Good point, as it was not obvious with the quick look I had at the Lotus site.

For a big panoramic camera (8x20, 12x20, 7x17) one might be dragging out into the field, that would be a major bonus...

So too might be the location of the supplier versus the location of the OP.

Another alternate and another consideration,