View Full Version : Splitter Panels vs. Modified Dark Slide for 4x10 Images (Question)

14-Sep-2012, 11:43
I may have the wrong term, but I have seen "splitter panels" that fit in the grooves on the far side of the ground glass on my 2D 8x10 back (as well as others) that were used to make two exposures on one sheet of film either vertically or horizontally. Would these work similarly to a modified half-frame dark slide for taking two 4x10s on one sheet of film? (I also like the option of taking two 5x8s on one sheet as well.) Are there advantages/disadvantages of one approach over the other? Anyone used the splitter panels before?


P.S. I did my due diligence and searched for "splitter panels" but got no hits. If this is a redundant question or my search terms are incorrect please point me in the right direction.

E. von Hoegh
14-Sep-2012, 11:46
Splitter boards, divider boards, etc.

On my camera they allow you to make 2x 4x10, 2x 5x8, or 4x 4x5.

14-Sep-2012, 11:55
a search for splitter boards may help. it's been covered many times but........
I use splitter boards because it blocks out the unused half of the gg for composing and I leave it in the camera when walking around after a set up so It's then obvious which half of the last holder I've exposed.

14-Sep-2012, 12:12
I have only used modified darkslides -- but splitters seem to be easier to use. I have to guess where my modified darkslide cuts off the image (a little work and I should be able to figure out exactly where and mark in on my GG). One fools with two darkslides, increasing a chance of error.

I modified a metal 8x10 darkslide -- I had a 'regular' one that eventually broke, so the metal will last longer, but a wood splitter would be even tougher.

A modified darkslide for 5x8 would be tough to make and more fragile (and you would need two).

C. D. Keth
14-Sep-2012, 12:26
A modified darkslide for 5x8 would be tough to make and more fragile (and you would need two).

I think it would be reasonable to do if one could be happy with 5x7 on half of the split frames rather than 5x8. You could leave a solid 1/2" of material on each edge to go in the holder and make the cut out portion the half closer to the light trap. The exposure on the half of the film closer to the hinge would be the full 5x8. It would be more fragile than a full darkslide but I don't think it would be unreasonably fragile if you carry it packed into the stack of holders.

14-Sep-2012, 12:39
A modified darkslide for 5x8 would be tough to make and more fragile (and you would need two).

This is where I assumed the splitter boards would have the advantage, but my main interest at the moment is in 4x10. I have a masking board (?) that goes into the back of my Century 10A for use with the 5x7 reducing back to allow two 3.5 x 5" verticals per sheet. The sliding carriage keeps the image optically centered, which is a big plus, but this is good for the studio only.