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Joseph O'Neil
14-Sep-2012, 07:24

Lost one of those tiny, tiny little nuts off my Tachihara the other day. It's at the bottom of a river right now, so I am not likely able to find it. :)

The front standard on my Tachihara, there are two "wheels" that tighten the rise and fall of the front hold of the lensboard, one each side. That is still there, so the camera is functional. What I lost and I am looking for is the tiny, tiny acron shaped nut that goes over the end of that tiny threaded post. If nobody is sure of what I mean, I've tried to do a blow up shot of what I mean. Look in the very centre there. My camera is chrome and ebony, but any colour nut will do.

Anyhow, anybody know where to get one?

E. von Hoegh
14-Sep-2012, 07:36

You will have to identify the thread size.

Bob Salomon
14-Sep-2012, 07:46
Good chance that Marflex will have them since they are similar to Wista's. 252 652-4401

Maris Rusis
19-Sep-2012, 16:13
Going direct to Tachihara is possible too:http://www.netlaputa.ne.jp/~tachi-ss/

19-Sep-2012, 17:37
I lost that same piece. :(

Take the other one into a hardware store, and you can find a replacement. (And carry it in a plastic sandwich bag so you don’t lose it too. Plus, be sure not to drop it on the hardware store floor or it will certainly be lost. Count on it.)

The replacement, of course, might be silver – You can get two so they’ll match! Aesthetic symmetry is important, after all, w/ such a beautiful camera.

Make sure it’s not too “tall,” or it can hit-and-scrape the arms of the front standard when you fold/unfold the camera. (There is almost zero space for tolerance.)