View Full Version : Where to find info on this old Century 4A studio camera ( made by Graflex )

12-Sep-2012, 18:31
I don't know squat about it and I have to sell it....so looking for any and all information on it. Thanks so much in advance.



Louis Pacilla
12-Sep-2012, 19:15
Your Century #4 along with the #4 stand where probably made between 1900-1920's the cameras unfortunately do not bring big money but do have value to the right buyer. I know this as I have a bunch of studio camera/stands mostly because I like em'. I will say t that the pedestal stands do not show up as often as the Semi-Centennial double poster.

where do you live? it can easier to sell these with in a 300 mile or so radius as they can be tough to ship. If you do ship you may have to ship freight with camera on a pallet.

The lens looks to be Petzval Portrait that looks to be missing it's hood? You may want to post close up photos of the lens along with any engravings on the barrel. This way you can try and get a approximate value for it. if you intend to sell with camera as package you can .

Here's a couple pages from the 1911 Eastman Professional Catalog. If you click twice on the page then do the Ctrl & + to increase the page size so you can read the text.

13-Sep-2012, 09:30
Louis, I absolutely cannot thank you enough for this information. It is beyond my expectations so thank you. I posted it to eBay at item number 330793226972 with many more photos and will be trying to figure out more information about the lens in order to help facilitate a better sale. Your advice is exceptional. Do I have permission to use the attached information sheets you provided?

13-Sep-2012, 14:55
Hahah, ebay's automatic shipping to Norway with UPS is calculated to be over 1500$, think I'm gonna pass. But what a nice camera you have there =)

Steven Tribe
13-Sep-2012, 15:32
Your reference to own e**y listing is shameless.
You will get offers on the lens alone, but transport kills most interest on the set.
The price/text in the lsting will turn most people off.
There is a market, but everyone knows transport difficulties/costs.

13-Sep-2012, 17:31
And if you want a pickup, you are really going to have to reveal where it is beyond "United States"

13-Sep-2012, 23:33
Steven, why is referring to my ebay posting shameless?

14-Sep-2012, 00:49
We have the 3A in the studio. Had it shipped by courier in the UK for about $60.

This is how it arrived...


The camera stand broke down easy enough, just held together by bolts. It could have easily been packed better as it was sent bellows extended? So shipping is possible I suppose.

Heres a blog link... http://fourtoes.co.uk/iblog/?p=2926

Steven Tribe
14-Sep-2012, 01:10
It is contrary to the posting rules on LFPF to give any sort of link to advertising.
The place for commerce is the FS/WTT thread and there are rules there too!

14-Sep-2012, 12:36
Steven, I did not know it was against the rules. My apologies. I am looking for a delete/edit but haven't found it yet. Will be glad to delete the reference and if any moderator wants to delete it I would be grateful.

14-Sep-2012, 12:39
taulen, yes, shipping overseas by UPS or FedEx is ridiculous. But since I had no idea of the weight I entered very high numbers just so people could see what they would be dealing with. Even if I lowered the numbers to whatever the actual weight ends up being the cost would be ridiculous. But believe it or not when I've posted heavy items in times past I still often have people write to me who want to know the cost. So I tried to save myself a bit of work.

Steven Tribe
14-Sep-2012, 12:51
80491Don't worry! The thread is more bone fide than the usual "find value and then list appropriately elsewhere and never appear here again" or "asking for offers with email adddress after 2 hours membership".
The bi-post semi-centennial can be packed down very well, but the pedestal stand looks to be more difficult.

Just to give you an idea of current prices (in Europe) the illustrated set was sold for 349 euros to-day in Denmark.

15-Sep-2012, 07:36
Fourtoes post earlier pretty well illustrates that the stand can be disassembled rather easily, it's even simpler than the bi-post stands (at least the american made ones, can't speculate on the european ones). Remove a few bolts and be done ... it's rather like a furniture set from IKEA ;-) .
@ Steven - I saw the auction posting of the Lauritz in the pic ... sweet camera, would have loved it; but shipping across the ocean wasn't feasible (I doubt the shipping companies would have taken it apart for me prior.

15-Sep-2012, 11:51
Steven Tribe:
let me know if you see a deal like that again =) I will come to Denmark to get it ;) You dont know of any stands in sweden/denmark/norway looking for a new home btw ?

Steven Tribe
15-Sep-2012, 14:59
PM sent!