View Full Version : Sinar Norma without serial number? What does that mean?

12-Sep-2012, 11:59
I have a Sinar Norma shown in the photo below. I am selling it for a client. Someone interested in buying it has asked me about the serial number. The serial number plate that I see on the rail clamp does not have a serial number in it. What does this indicate and is it common on these cameras?


12-Sep-2012, 12:17

adam satushek
12-Sep-2012, 12:24
It must be a counterfeit and therefore worth nothing. I'd be happy to take it off your hands to hide the evidence......;)

Sorry, couldnt't resist....its a slow day at work.

I'm sure someone will provide a usefull response shortly....

12-Sep-2012, 12:24
Clamp not part of the original bundle, I assume. It was common for studios to have extra clamps, as long (macro) extensions need additional support.

12-Sep-2012, 12:42
Fun reply Adam. Sevo, thanks...I was thinking the same thing. What should this camera probably be worth you guys? Any idea?

Tony Lakin
13-Sep-2012, 08:59
That would depend on what is in the box that we can't see, are the bellows in good condition, is the ground glass intact, do all the adjustment controls operate smoothly and lock up tightly etc.?

13-Sep-2012, 09:25
Hello Tony. Nothing else is included with the camera except what you see in the photos. The bellows are in fantastic condition. The glass is fine and everything is working nicely. All are smooth and tight. Thanks for any help.

13-Sep-2012, 09:34




Frank Petronio
13-Sep-2012, 09:38
Serial number would be for a part, not the entire camera since all the parts interchange and there is no way to know what was original with the camera or added/substituted later. So it's a non-issue really. If you want to identify it, you look at the color of the standards, the type of bellows, the back configuration for clues but since they may not be original with the rest of the components it is impossible to be sure (unless the owner bought it new and held the paperwork, etc.)

Saw it on eBay, nice camera. Perhaps you should list it here in the classifieds for a little less?

13-Sep-2012, 09:50
Serial number would be for a part, not the entire camera

As far as my inventory of bits and pieces goes, Sinar does not seem to have serialized parts below the complexity of a zoom cassette or shutter. The cameras as a original set have their serial number on the clamp. All my spare clamps are unnumbered.

Tony Lakin
14-Sep-2012, 00:15
Hi Sevo
Sinar Norma 5x4 as you have in good condition would sell for around 250-300 sterling on Ebay.co.uk, I feel that this sort of price is an absolute bargain and would not sell mine for less than 400.