View Full Version : How to Mount Sinar A on Tripod?

11-Sep-2012, 10:09
This is a silly question. There is no tripd mount on the A model. How do I mount it on a tripod?

11-Sep-2012, 10:28
There should be an aluminum block that slides within the underside of the rail that is threaded for a tripod screw. If its missing, you'll either have to hunt one down or find a machinist to make one for you.

11-Sep-2012, 12:30

You should have the aluminum block that has two different size threaded holes. One is for the 1/4-20 thread size. The other for the 3/8-18 thread size.

It is held into place by the grove in the mono rail. You should also have a pin at both ends of the mono rail that keep it from sliding out.

Attached are two blurry pics.


11-Sep-2012, 12:31
See it now. Thanks.