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10-Sep-2012, 17:50

I haven't still bought my first large format camera. I'm uncertain about what to buy, exactly between two wooden cameras:

13x18 Derogy Paris (http://www.flickr.com/photos/73235476@N04/7974615314)
13x18 Adolph Goecker (http://www.flickr.com/photos/73235476@N04/7974613904)

Price and condition are the same.
A.Goeker camera is sold with voigtlander euryscope IV n.00 (6 1/2 inch f/6) and Derogy camera is sold with Derogy engraved lens (Aplanat 3, 9 inch f/7-8?)

It would only be used to do collodion wet plate. What do you suggest me to do?



10-Sep-2012, 18:07
My concerns would be the condition of the bellows and if there are any plate holders that go with the camera. If there aren't any holders, you would need to get some custom made (as in extra expenses).

10-Sep-2012, 18:15
If they are in usable condition... go for it.

10-Sep-2012, 18:24
But i can buy just one...

Drew Bedo
11-Sep-2012, 07:05
Buy and use them both. Decide which you like best and sell off the other one—hopefully for more money.

Steven Tribe
11-Sep-2012, 08:59
These are representatives of the two type of continental cameras. The "french" "walnut" rotating bellows type and the German reversing back type.
I used to be sceptical of the french type, but they can be in very good condition and tend to be a bit more "petit" even though they cover the same size.
The Voigtländer series IV is a bonus.
French 13x18 chambre de Voyage types can have very special plate holders.
I am in support of the Goecker purchase - see attached! The company still exists to-day.