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10-Sep-2012, 15:55
I wanted to get a UV filter for the LEE system, as i shoot sometimes remote landscape like the alps in Austria.
LEE has 4 UV absorption filters (http://www.leefilters.com/index.php/camera-directory/camera-dir-list/category/ultraviolet-absorbing) and they give technical specs about amounts of absorption, which mean nothing to me.
what's the meaning of each and/or what's the bottom line?
will this filter make sense also for digital back usage?
many thanx!

10-Sep-2012, 17:51
Wow – what incredible specs from Lee! :D

If I spent the time and mental effort deciding whether one UV filter w/ a “maximum absorption of 0.086A (82%) at 525 nanometres” would be better for my shot than another w/ “maximum absorption of 0.076A (84%) at 535 nanometres,” I might miss the shot altogether!

Is there a reason why you can’t use a conventional screw-on UV filter? I use them mainly for protection in inhospitable locations, and they don’t really get in the way of my Lee system. For example, the Lee adaptor ring would screw directly onto the UV filter’s front threads.

11-Sep-2012, 10:25
yes, even the guy at the store didn't know what to say.
i don't want to buy so many individual screw on filters for all the lenses. this is why i wanted the lee system. i won't use the UV regularly anyway. another reason is my wide angle lenses, not sure they can accept a regular filter + the lee holder filters.

any ideas anyone?

Jeff Keller
11-Sep-2012, 10:48
400 nanometers is right at the edge of the visible spectrum: violet. 525 nanometers is green. The 2B should be the weakest, the 1A the strongest.

Probably the number-letter corresponds to the Wratten number.

I've never considered a skylight (1A) filter to be very strong. If Lee truly uses Wratten numbers, the 2B &2C filters would only seem to be useful for UV sensitive film/cameras.

Jeff Keller