View Full Version : Can I reverse normal positive paper?

10-Sep-2012, 10:32
Is any possibility if I need make direct positives on normal positive paper?
In my planed field action I need make positive pictures from LF camera but i must elimite step with contacting (time, price, that i haven't where make it).
So i need any receipe for shot the picture>develope it >and dry. So i need any possibility for reverse paper negative direct to positive
Is it possible?

I know about collodium or Harman Direct positive but there are inappropriate for my purpose


13-Sep-2012, 07:22
Just a quick google search turns up a few things:
http://www.ilfordphoto.com/Webfiles/20114271220441194.pdf For film, but I think the idea is the same for paper
http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/56959-reversal-processing-black-white-paper.html A little discussion on chemicals/exposure for the process

Just out of curiosity why won't a direct positive paper work for you?

13-Sep-2012, 07:35
Yes, this is the way Photbooths used to work. It's possible to get very high quality results as well.