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steve simmons
3-Mar-2004, 09:22
View Camera magazine is creating a space on our web site for images from largeformat photographers. Here are the rules

-anyone can submit an image. The camera must be 6x9 or larger. In the image area you must include the edges of the film. If you want the image cropped indicate so on the image -files must be smaller than 125K and should be in .jpg format -anything deemed pornographic will be deleted -you can include up to 50 words of info - location, camera, lens, film type, exposure, filters, etc. -if you want direct feedback include your e-mail address -any antagonistic comments will be deleted and a second offense here will result in the elimination of all of your images and your opportunity to post anything else on the site

send images after March 8 to ViewCameraArt@aol.com

steve simmons

domenico Foschi
3-Mar-2004, 12:31
what if the image scanned has been cropped already?

3-Mar-2004, 13:11
How about Polaroids?

3-Mar-2004, 14:11
What if the film holder of the scanner crops the edge of the film?

Jonathan Lee
3-Mar-2004, 14:33
I don't understand the rationale for including film edges in submitted images. We could debate the aesthetics, but like Mark (above), my Epson 3200 doesn't allow me to include the film edge all the way around.

David R Munson
3-Mar-2004, 15:14
Another question mark here about the film-edge thing. Is it supposed to be something to verify the LF-ness of a given image? I've got lots of LF images scanned, but I can't think of more than one or two that still have the film edges in the frame.

Graeme Hird
3-Mar-2004, 15:27
Sorry Steve,

I'd love to contribute, but the "film edge" thing stops me too. The Epson 2450 doesn't allow edges to show. I guess the online gallery is only open to those who contact print.

Good luck,


domenico Foschi
3-Mar-2004, 16:39
I do realize that the reason is to be sure the image comes from a large format negative , but with this rule you are only bound to accept images coming from contact prints ( and many times i crop those also), as Graeme says . Maybe together with the image we could send also a scan of the negative and leave it as a negative ? Does that sound like a good idea?

domenico Foschi
3-Mar-2004, 16:41
I meant scan the negative in the flatbed, without the transparency unit, so that it will show the edges of the film.

tim atherton
3-Mar-2004, 17:49

I'm not sure what the point is of including the edge?

As has been said here - I, like others often crop after scanning - even if it's just a touch.

Also, including the black edge on colour work often screws up the colour correction on lots of scanner software.

In addition, for 4x5 and 8x10 I have to used a mask/frame (which covers up the edge) to hold the film off the scanner bed to prevent newton rings).

But if there really is a need for the edges it's pretty simple - scan a couple of films just for the edges, cut out the mages and save the edges - then on you other scans just apply the "fake" edge once you have cropped it or whatever... :-)

steve simmons
3-Mar-2004, 17:55
I will rethinmk the edge requirement. I hate to be cynical but someone is sure to send a small/medium format imnage trhough just to prove a point.

Any other suggestions?


steve simmons

Michael Chmilar
3-Mar-2004, 18:13
I know I am being a "wag" here, but:

You can keep an "edge" scan handy on your computer. When you have an image to submit, just composite the "edges" over it in Photoshop.

Problem solved!

It also works for small/medium format images.

Graeme Hird
3-Mar-2004, 19:58

I'm the moderator of the f32.net photo critiques forum, which requires images be made only with LF gear (unless for illustrative purposes). I can assure you that most people are quite honest about the images they load on the site. When someone loads an image from the smaller formats, it is usually by mistake and quickly corrected (ie removed).

Trust people and they will usually return the compliment. You will soon learn which people have LF cameras and use them regularly.



steve simmons
3-Mar-2004, 20:46
We will drop the requirement for the border. Thanks for the suggestions.

steve simmons

Graeme Hird
4-Mar-2004, 00:55
Hi Steve,

Now that I can submit an image, I'd like to know more. Can you give us an indication of the maximum dimensions of the files please? I can then supply you with a file which can be put directly onto the gallery site without the need for you to adjust it. On the f32.net site, we require images that are 500 pixels wide and 50kb or less in size. Your choice of 125kb is good.

Regards, Graeme