View Full Version : ileax acuton 150mm f/ 4.8 problems

7-Sep-2012, 11:42
i just acquired this lens with my camera and have been using it for a few weeks. all shutter speeds work fine just not the bulb. so no long exposures or night photography which is what i enjoy doing. does anyone know why this could be? the only other switches on the lens is to toggle between X and M. this has no affect on the bulb setting. any help would be nice.

E. von Hoegh
7-Sep-2012, 12:20
X or M refers to the flash synch, X is for electronic flash and should work at all shutter speeds. M is for flashbulbs.

John Kasaian
7-Sep-2012, 12:36
No T? What make of shutter is it?

7-Sep-2012, 12:43
It needs a CLA. I've seen many shutters (of all different makes) where speeds work and T and/or B do not.


7-Sep-2012, 17:43
yes it has T. also how much is a cla? i really like the lens so i think its worth it.

8-Sep-2012, 05:35
Is it a Copal or an ilex shutter? Not that it matters for cost. You'll find lots of discussion here about where to go for a CLA. I use Carol Miller(Flutot's). You'll find her website without too much trouble via google and it should have the latest cost info and how to get on her waiting list. I just got two shutters back from her (copal1 and Ilex5) and immediately went back on the list for two more. You'll wait a long time before even getting them out to her and she doesn't work quickly but I've always been happy with the results.


8-Sep-2012, 07:11
Carol is incredibly reasonable on price, super nice and well worth the wait. flutoscamerarepair.com

8-Sep-2012, 15:26
I can't vouch for the other shutter repair shops. I have been using Flutot's camera repair since the early 80's. I am fortunate that it is only a short drive over the hill for me.