View Full Version : Compound n3 shutter size?

2-Mar-2004, 10:05
Hello, Does someone know what is the hole size needed for the lensboard with a Compound #3 shutter? Will it fit a Copal #3 lensboard? The lens is a Tele-Xenar 360/5,6 by the way.

Thanks, Awsiy.

Steve Hamley
2-Mar-2004, 10:56

IIRC, the hole is a little smaller than C3 but I will check when I get home and post the hole size. Also, the hole size for a flange will be a little larger than one using a retaining ring because most flanges have a lip that fits into the hole in the board. Are you using a flange or retaining ring?


Ernest Purdum
2-Mar-2004, 11:28
The Copal #3 requires a 65mm hole. Burke & James listed the Compound #3 at 2 3/8", which translates to 60.3mm.

2-Mar-2004, 14:59
I just measured the lensboard hole for my 360 Tele-Xenar/Compound at 58mm. But it's a f:5.5, not f:5.6.

2-Mar-2004, 15:31
Many thanks. I think it should fit a Copal #3 lensboard. Awsiya

2-Mar-2004, 16:01
My Tele Xenar 360 f/5.6 in Compound sits quite happily in a standard No 3. Linhof size panel with the hole cut in the centre. When I tried it in a real Linhof Technika panel, the mounting flange caused problems as the Technka panel hole was cut offset towards the bottom: the flange overhung the bottom of the panel. I *believe* this is the normal way a Technika panel is cut (but others may *know* differently....).

Even so, the flange only just fits inside the raised ring on the back of the panel. Obviously, if you are using a larger panel, this will not be a problem, but I though I would mention it just in case....


2-Mar-2004, 16:38
... sorry - that should be "Tele Xenar 360 f/5.5",,, drat...