View Full Version : Brush Development Questions

Greg Y
7-Sep-2012, 09:06
Does anyone out on the forum brush develop sheet film?
Base side or emulsion?
I tried with foam brushes but got fine scratches.
I've just gotten some 2" short-handled artist brushes.
I would appreciate any tips from aficionados of the technique

Lynn Jones
10-Sep-2012, 13:43
This information (?) was published in the late 1800's and was ridiculous then. There are 3 practical ways to agitate sheet films, tray process, film hangers, and drum. All can be very good and all can be bad, we can talk, I have to go to class.

11-Sep-2012, 00:33
I have tried with Pyrocat and bristle brushes and foam brushes, always scratches. I think the developer also influences propensity for scratches, might work for some developers and not others.