View Full Version : 4x5 Gandolfi Precision Lensboard Measurements

C. D. Keth
6-Sep-2012, 22:49
I couldn't find any information on the web about older gandolfi lensboard sizes so I thought I'd post this here for future searches.

These measurements were taken from an original gandolfi board that came with the 4x5 gandolfi precision outfit I just bought.


Emil Schildt
7-Sep-2012, 10:26
If you translate those mesurements to metric, then it will make sense to me... :)

(Not to worry - I already have that Gandolfi...)

C. D. Keth
7-Sep-2012, 10:49
You and your base-10 logic.:p

7-Sep-2012, 17:46
Whole Plate Gandolfi lens board measures 100mm x 140mm. No bevels.

18-Dec-2013, 13:25
The original measurements appear to have been lost (in the attachment to the OP perhaps?).
By my reckoning, they are as follows:

height: 2.73 inches
width: 3.75 inches (not critical)
thickness: 0.23 inch

both of the long edges are slightly beveled - front surface is taller than the rear.

I've posted photos here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bradleykeith/sets/72157638801646896/) but, I'll probably not leave them there very long.

I'm looking to purchase a few lensboards....