View Full Version : A back for Fuji 100-C instant for 4x5?

6-Sep-2012, 15:26
I'm new to my large format gear, and I would love to use some instant filim while I putz around learning. The equipment is all new to me, my film experience was limited to 35mm, holga and an old Yashica TLR before moving to digital. I am continuing with digital, but dipping into the dark world of larger formats (and thinking this is OFF the CHARTS!).

I'm curious, and while I've searched, and can turn up all manner of UNRELATED topics online, nothing here (maybe wrong search criteria, I don't know) - I wonder:

Is there a back, or a way to jury-rig/modify a back, allowing me to use the Fuji instant 100-C on a TOYO 45A 4x5?

Or, am I just being a silly dreamer...:p



David R Munson
6-Sep-2012, 15:49
A Polaroid 405 back should work, if I remember correctly. It won't give you the full 4x5" image area, but still big enough to be plenty of fun.

6-Sep-2012, 16:57
search "fuji instant film", scroll down.