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Andrew Boudnikov
6-Sep-2012, 08:29
Hi, my name is Andrew. I am an amateur photographer from Belarus. I decided to speak about marketing here. You see, I want to offer my services to a large audience and I have a problem: how to show people my skills and how to let them know that I offer my services as a professional photographer. Recently I have stumbled upon a tool, called Quote Roller. It helps to create original and catchy sales quote online. You can both create your own unique business proposal or use a pre-made one and send it to your potential client. What I liked most, that I have found a photography proposal template (http://www.quoteroller.com/proposal-templates/photography-proposal-template/) there: you can even upload your portfolio to show people your skills level. It is rather cheap and has a free plan to test it. Generally I liked it, but would like to ask your advice. Or may be you know some other tools, that offer something common. Looking forward to your replies.