View Full Version : Is ilford multigrade still green?

Kevin M Bourque
5-Sep-2012, 22:02
I haven't used ilford MG in years because I don't care for the greenish cast. Toning never seemed to change it much. With the selection of papers getting smaller all the time, I may have to consider it again. What say you? Is it still green?

6-Sep-2012, 04:39
Hi Kevin, I have done 30 prints or so recently on the MG Pearl using Ilford Multigrade developer, Ilfostop and Ilford Rapid Fixer.
They look gray scale to me.
I was going to post a paper print scan but they are scanned in gray scale, so I will have to do a color scan for you.

Henry Ambrose
6-Sep-2012, 05:35
It's not green in Formulary 130 and hasn't been. Ilford in Dektol always looked bad to me because of the greenish cast.

6-Sep-2012, 08:39

Here is an un pp scan of an Ilford Multigrade Pearl paper print with a chunk of a color/gray card along side.
According the Gimp the RGB is +/- about 2 parts in 256 across the brightness range on the print and the gray card is similar ( B is down 2 parts, that being scanner error).
Print was developed per my earlier post.
Print looks like a good gray scale on the Eizo in sRGB. I don't notice any cast on the real prints in sunlit office here.

Merg Ross
6-Sep-2012, 09:27
I would suggest using a Phenidone or Glycin based developer to control print color with this paper. Ansco 130 is a good choice; you might also consider Ethol LPD or Clayton Phenidone developer.

Gem Singer
6-Sep-2012, 09:34
The slight olive green tone that is sometimes evident in Ilford Multigrade paper is due to using a developer that contains potassium bromide in its formula.

Check the paper developer formula. If it contains potassium bromide, change to one that doesn't use KBr as it's retardant.

Gem Singer
6-Sep-2012, 09:40
Merg, you and I were typing our answers at the same time.

Great minds-------

Mark Sampson
6-Sep-2012, 10:24
I manage to get the tone color where I like it by using selenium toner @ 1:20 for a long time- like 20 minutes.

Drew Wiley
6-Sep-2012, 13:08
Most papers go greenish in any Dektol-ish MQ developer. There are certainly other kinds of
paper to choose - the VC selection at the moment is impressive, though each has its own
tone or toning personality.

Ian Gordon Bilson
8-Sep-2012, 03:07
The mantra that a dip in KRST loses the green cast has been mentioned so many times over the years that it,just possibly,is true.
It certainly works for me. Dilution,time,don't appear to matter.