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Steve Smith
5-Sep-2012, 14:50
I now have a replacement shutter for my 65mm f8 Super Angulon. The new shutter was fitted with an 80mm lens and has an aperture scale which starts at f5.6. I can't swap the scales as the old shutter had a Linhof Select front plate with integral engraving.

If anyone has this lens, I would appreciate seeing a couple of pictures of the aperture scale taken with the lever at the two extremes of its travel. If I can see how far before f8 and after f45 it goes, I should be able to make a new scale.



john wilton
5-Sep-2012, 18:28
Why not use the existing scale, and just close it down 1/2 a stop from the meter's suggestion?

5-Sep-2012, 21:25
Why not switch the whole front plate? It's really easy to do.

6-Sep-2012, 11:34
Well, if they are of any help:


Steve Smith
6-Sep-2012, 12:13
Perfect. Thanks to those pictures and some other advice I got on APUG, I now know where to mark up my new scale.



Steve Smith
6-Sep-2012, 12:20
Actually, would it be possible to do one more picture for me? This would confirm that my new position is correct.

I would like to see a view from the front with the front lens elements removed, shutter open on B and with the aperture at f8.



6-Sep-2012, 12:56
There you go:


BTW, at least for the 6x9, a 28mm Takumar friction hood is perfect match, and if reversed, provides kindof protection as well:

Steve Smith
6-Sep-2012, 13:07
Thank you. That tells me all I need to know (I said that last time!).

As I assumed, the f8 position is just before the blades start closing around the lens element (which is logical). This also confirms my suspicion that the scale which is currently on my shutter is not correct for the 80mm lens which was fitted to it. That's what was causing some confusion!

I'm not that surprised as the lens elements were from an 80mm Componon which is an enlarging lens which you wouldn't expect to be fitted to a shutter. I suspect that this combination has been used for macro, the lens would be ideal for that.

Is that a 6x9 folder you have attached your lens to? I did that as a temporary measure when I was building my 6x12 camera to check that I had the lens to film distance correct and that my modified focusing helical was working.


6-Sep-2012, 13:18
Yes, my 65/8 is shared between 6x9 Balda Juwella and 6x12 Holga pinhole body.

6x9 setup makes excellent travel camera. Light, compact and good picture quality:

http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4033/4358005361_e6d67cc5e6_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/werra/4358005361/)

Steve Smith
6-Sep-2012, 13:31
I was going to put mine onto a 6x12 Holga before I changed my mind and made an oak body. I think they make a good 6x12 film back for DIY conversions. I'm sure with a dark slide added, it could be adapted for use on a 5x4 camera.


Bob Salomon
6-Sep-2012, 13:39
Do you have a Fresnel screen on your camera? If so take your lightmeter and meter directly through the GG.

1 Put a piece of tape over the aperture scale (tape that hides the old scale and that you can mark on).
2 Next set-up an evenly lit grey card and meter it with a good exposure meter, note the exposure at ISO 100.
3 Now read the same grey card through the GG with the meter (best to have a microscope adapter on it if they make it for your meter.
4 There will be a difference in exposure between the first reading and the second. That is from the light absorbtion of your gg and fresnel (be far enough from the card when metering through the gg to avoid any bellows factor).
5 If the difference is one stop set 2x as a factor on your meter.
6 Now open the aperture to wide open and start to close it down till your meter reads f8. Make a mark where the aperture pointer is on the tape.
7 Close down till the meter reads f11 make a mark. Keep going till you get to the smallest aperture.
8 Now mark the aperture values on the tape where you made your marks. You now have a calibrated scale.

Since you might be outside or other places where the marks may get soiled put a piece of clear, sel-adhesive laminate over the tape to protect it. Any stationary store will have it.


Give the lens, in shutter, to a camera repairman and let them do it for you. Usually they can engrave a new scale if they are available for your shutter.

Steve Smith
6-Sep-2012, 13:45

I can laser engrave a new scale myself once I know where to put the numbers! (which I do now).. I just took the old scale off hoping that the rear was black (painted or anodised). It wasn't! I was hoping to just laser ablate the paint or anodising off. Now I will either have to paint it or make a new one from something else.


9-Jan-2014, 16:13
Does someone know what was original lens hood for SA 65mm f/8? I have just bought this lens and would like to find shade for it.

Paul Ewins
9-Jan-2014, 23:26
I'm not that surprised as the lens elements were from an 80mm Componon which is an enlarging lens which you wouldn't expect to be fitted to a shutter.

Actually, all of the Componons - from 28mm right up to 360mm - could be purchased in shutter, probably for macro as you suggest.