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5-Sep-2012, 13:49
I've just popped a speculative bid on this, and won http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271046823962?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 just wonder if anyone can help me out if they recognise it, and can help me work out what's missing - I can't quite work out if it is some sort of shutter (i.e a cap that hindges down) or if it is something else. Also how do I work out the equivalent f stop?
Any help would be apreciated - hopefully it'll cover 10x8 or more, though I've only got 5x4 cameras at the moment though plan to expand to 10x8.

5-Sep-2012, 18:53
Dear Kirk,
I don't agree that the lens is Petzval type according to its size.
At least, it's not 10in petzval.
However, it would not cover 4x5 at infinity if it's really a petzval lens.
You may screw the front and rear glasses to check the structure of the lens.
Good luck.

6-Sep-2012, 07:01
Cheers, just trying to get a little info while I wait on delivery. So I may have a case for goods not as described then? - though at 16 for the lens, as long as it forms an image I think I may well have got a bargin. Still not sure about the bit that appears to be missing though. . .

8-Sep-2012, 19:03
The missing bit at front is just a cap. This looks like a projection lens and it could very well be a petzval. At 10" it's around an f5-f6 so dont expect much swirliness. 16 pounds for it sounds like a good deal to me. It'll cover 4x5 nicely but its not going to cover 8x10, not even at portrait length. But, if it's a petzval, you can make a nice SF lens out of just the front (but moved to the back) that should be 15-20" FL and should easily cover 8x10.