View Full Version : Schneider Angulon 210mm f6.8

Paul Greeves
3-Sep-2012, 05:54

I'm looking for a Schneider Angulon 210mm f6.8 lens to go with a Canham JMC 10x8 camera. I already have a Fujinon 300 C lens and I'm looking for something a little wider. I was wondering if anyone had one that they no longer use and are willing to trade or if anyone has seen a listing for one on the web. There is one currently on ebay but it has a mark on the front element.



Len Middleton
3-Sep-2012, 06:20

If you post your request as a WTB in the For Sale section, you might get the appropriate responses.

Good luck in your quest...

Paul Greeves
3-Sep-2012, 06:23
Thanks Len,

I will give that a go!