View Full Version : Synchro Compur #1.

1-Mar-2004, 00:59
Friends! I have bought recently Schneider Symmar 5.6/210 with shutter Synchro Compur #1. Objective in an excellent condition. And the shutter had the some people problemmy. I have already cleaned it and have achieved normal work, but two positions do not work: "B" , "T" I have understood, that put in a spring which pushes a clamp of a platoon of a shutter. She is deformed also I do not know its exact position. Unfortunately I do not have drawings to this shutter. If who can help me with this repair and vylat the scheme of this shutter or a photo of a shutter I to you shall be grateful to me. fstudio@netvision.net.il Vladimir

Ernest Purdum
1-Mar-2004, 18:36
Vladimir, synchro Compur repair manuals show up on eBay quite frequently. One of these would answer your question, I think.