View Full Version : Swift and Son No.4 Universal Paragon info?

Craig Tuffin
2-Sep-2012, 06:46
I just picked up a brass Swift and Son No. 4 Universal Paragon but can't find any information about it. It measures a 21" FL to the waterhouse stop which gives it a working aperture of approx f7.

Does anyone know the coverage or anything else about this lens?

2-Sep-2012, 10:21
From an 1891 Swift & Son Ad


Recall that back focus ( rear of lens to GG ) is less than FL


Craig Tuffin
2-Sep-2012, 12:54
Thanks a million Dan!

Steven Tribe
2-Sep-2012, 16:09
Swifts of this size are not very common.
My experience (I have had 3 less splendid lenses!) is that the brass surfaces do not hold up as well as many others when the lacquer has gone.
The VM has a lot on Swift lenses and describes this as an F6 RR ( like the series IV Vogtländer Euryskop). It also mentioned the No. 1 size is for 10x8" which seems wrong in Dan's advert. Could your "No. 4" be the no. 5 in Dan's list?

Craig Tuffin
2-Sep-2012, 18:08
It's definitely got the 3" lens elements so I'm pretty sure it fits Dan's catalogue as the No. 4. I'm happy with F6 and the condition is quite good.

So these are a good quality lens...would they be equivalent to the Voigt do you think?

Steven Tribe
3-Sep-2012, 02:09
I don't want to slander Swift & Co., but there is a very good chance that this is a direct (attempted anyway!) copy of the Euryskop IV series - or at least inspired by it. Doesn't take much research to measure up the lenses and refractive indexes of the competitors.
Now you have to find a series IV no.5 Voigtländer Euryskop to compare!

4-Sep-2012, 09:03
Swift and Son was a big player in microscope optics around the time that lens was made. I think their primary interest was in microscopes and photographic optics was more or less a side line. Same with Beck.