View Full Version : Voigtlander Heliar 21cm f/4.5 Technika Lens

31-Aug-2012, 12:06
As part of a Master Technika Classic package that i recently purchased, I also got the Voigtlander Heliar 21cm f/4.5 Technika lens. I couldn't find much on the internet except that the Apo-Lanthar version in the same focal length, aperture is worth a fortune.

Would appreciate any info about this lens. Is it any good? Estimated value? Sample photos from others that own the same lens. Thanks.


31-Aug-2012, 16:44
Its a very fine lens indeed. Enjoy using it.

Bengt Fredén
11-Sep-2012, 19:51
You are a lucky guy! It is a dream lens! It is known for it's extraordinarily beautiful bokeh (especially wide open), a wonderful portrait lens. There was also a so called "Universal-Heliar" dedicated portrait lens, with controllable bokeh via a ring on the lens. Try it for black & white and you will get wonderful negatives with a lot of information in the dark or shaded areas. It is supersharp at f/32. It is probably single coated, so color photographs might have a slight blueish cast.

I once had a 24cm (240mm) Heliar, which I did the inexcusable mistake of selling, too cheaply. When they turn up on eBay, very rarely, they fetch very high prices. A couple of years ago, I got my hands on a 30cm (300mm) Heliar in a Compound V (for which I paid a fortune) and I will NEVER sell it. It is a wonderful portrait lens for 5x7".

All the best,
Bengt in Stockholm, Sweden