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31-Aug-2012, 11:22
I don't appear to be able to find any data on this lens. Can anyone point me at historic Rodenstock data or tell me what it's coverage circle is?

Many thanks

31-Aug-2012, 11:30
Looks like Rodenstock says IC is 301mm @ f22 for this lens.

Here's the table I got it from....


31-Aug-2012, 11:42
Thanks for that, but that refers to the Apo version, whereas mine is the earlier non-apo version. Did the apo version change specs of the IC?

31-Aug-2012, 12:04
The Sironar-N was identified in the literature as an apo design before that was added to the barrel imprint.
The change seems to have been a marketing decision in response to Schneider's use of the Apo designation on their lenses.

Quoting from a Berkey Marketing brochure 1982:
"Above all, the Sironar-N offers a degree of color fidelity normally found only in apochromatic lenses."
The same brochure describes this series as being:
"... in a new compact design with multi-coating for improved color rendition, contrast, and a maximum aperture of f5.6"

This appears to be your lens, with an Angle of View of 72 and an IC of 301mm, both @ f/22.

There is a later version of the 210/5.6 Apo-Sironar-N, having an IC of 316mm. It appears on a (relatively) recent
Linos datasheet, which shows only 150mm and 210mm FLs in the series, implying that it was being phased out
in favor of the more recent Apo-Sironar-S product line.

- Leigh

Scott --
31-Aug-2012, 12:22
I have this lens (the non-APO-branded one) and have used it quite a bit on 5x7 with tons of movements, and a few times on 4x10 with no issues.

Bob Salomon
31-Aug-2012, 14:03
The Rodenstock Precision Optical camera lens brochure from 11/85 states that its image circle at f22 at infinity was 301mm and at f11 it was 276mm. At f22 it covered 72 and at f11 68. So on 57 at infity at f22 there was 64mm of rise and 53mm of shift in landscape orientation. They don't say a word about APO correction although Berkey wasa bit casual about there claims since they printed their brochures, or most of them, in house in Long Island.

11-Aug-2015, 05:33
I use this lens on 5x7 and 4x10 and it works fine...