View Full Version : Linhof boards on a Chamonix?

31-Aug-2012, 06:40
Hi all,

I bought some Chinese Linhof board copies to use on my Chamonix. These are the ones with the diagonal cuts on the bottom corners. Currently I only have Chamonix boards, the kind with the rounded bottom corners.

So on the inside of the Chinese boards, the circle lip/lighttrap thing is 1mm higher than on the Chamonix boards. So when I try to put them on the Chamonix, the lip gets in the way of the board seating properly and I can't close the locks on the camera.

I just want to make sure, any Linhof board should fit on the Chamonix, yes? I'm pretty sure these are just defective and the lighttrap is not located properly, and that the boards are defective, not my camera.

The Chamonix boards fit perfectly.

penny wise, pound foolish or something like that...

31-Aug-2012, 07:32
The Chinese boards I have are stamped Shenhao. They work fine on my 5x7 Chamonix as do Linhof, Wista, and Toyo branded boards.

David de Gruyl
31-Aug-2012, 08:44
I have linhof and knock-off boards which work fine on my Chamonix 4x5. Check to see if the circle is going through the hole? The board might be upside down or something... (random guess). Or it might be a poor quality knock-off.

Are they Technika boards or some other type? Does linhof make other types?