View Full Version : How To Load Horseman 6X9 Back???

Mark Gulbrandsen
10-Jun-1999, 22:29
I just bought a complete Galvin system. It came with a Horseman 6X9 back. I used to own a Mamiya 645 a number of years back and those backs(film inserts) were c learly marked as to where to prewind the arrows on the paper backing of a roll o f film when reloading it. The Horseman back is not marked. There is a round hole in the pressure plate though. Is this the prewind point when loading. If not, w hat is the start point on the film transport?? Thanks for your help in advance!! !

Howard Slavitt
10-Jun-1999, 23:38
Yes the round hole is the prewind point. You wind it with the back open until the Start arrow appears in the prewind point. Close it up and start shooting!

Ellis Vener
11-Jun-1999, 02:40
Well, close it up and wind it till the the lever does move again and a "1"is visible in the window on top of the back. To advance it to the next frame there is a smaller silver clutch lever underneath the end of the wind lever. push that a little to the left, you should feel a "click" wind the the big lever, on my 6x9 it is two winds per shot. Enjoy and don't forget to pull the darkslide!