View Full Version : How to loosen the front element

Armin Seeholzer
28-Feb-2004, 12:42

If sombody has a Sinaron in DB mount can I just loosen the front element like with a normal lens in copal or do I need to loosen some screws bevor somewhere? Thanks for your help!

Alec Jones
28-Feb-2004, 16:16
Why don't you ask the "somebody" that has the lens?

david clark
28-Feb-2004, 23:22
Hi Armin, do you have experience with the old discontinued Ilford Delta 400 pro 4*5. I develop in tray. And I wonder if there is away I can get 400 ei out of it with half decent range of tones. Thanks

29-Feb-2004, 00:00

As far as I know... you simply unscrew the front element just as if you're doing so from a Copal shutter. Mine doesn't have any screws/etc holding the front element onto the DB board.