View Full Version : B&J Ajax Portrait - #2 vs #1?

Scott --
29-Aug-2012, 09:20
Anyone know the difference(s) between the B&J Ajax Portrait Petzval #1 and the (slightly longer FL) #2? I can't find any information on the numbering.


30-Aug-2012, 04:34
Here you go...1913 Catalogue page



Scott --
30-Aug-2012, 06:18
Perfect - thanks Dan!

Scott --
15-Sep-2012, 09:48
Follow-up: I finally got around to mounting the lens on the 10x12. The catalog lists coverage at 5x7, which would be the optimal coverage, not what people are looking for these days. Truthfully I was pondering selling the lens before ever shooting it - always other priorities. But I popped this sucker on the 10x12. At portrait distance for an above-the-waist shot, it covers the format and swirls like mad. At head-and-shoulders distance, it covers with tons of room, and is smooth and creamy. At infinity, looks like it'd just about cover 8x10. For the time being, I'm keeping the lens, and cobbling together a lens board today. So if any of you ever happen across a B&J #2 Ajax, take a close look...