View Full Version : Simple mod for Mod54 using an old paterson 3reel tank

29-Aug-2012, 06:09

I just recently received my tank from my friend in tehran.
The shop run out of the super system 4 tanks so he grabbed the old style tank
thinking it would work with the processor. :(
I tested it. The processor doesn't fit well with this old style tank.

So, i tried cutting a film canister (2.3cm) to put on top of the processor. Now it fits well with the tank.
No more wiggling, wobbling or moving inside when agitating. I Tried it with water inside to test. It works fine.

Now, I should try it with film! Time to expose some sheets here in my city!




11-Aug-2013, 00:39
Well, it has been a year now. What were your results?

BTW, when you say "2.3cm" is that the diameter or length?