View Full Version : NEEDED Information on Voighlander Lens

28-Aug-2012, 11:42
I have found a Voighlander & Sons large brass lens marked #5 and No23392
It seems to be about a19inch F7, but in truth that is my best guess.
Could anyone give me correct information on this lens, including the age?
The lens is in great condition, including the glass, with a few internal specks.
A guess as to the value would be of interest.
Hope someone has such information; this group has never let me down yet.


29-Aug-2012, 00:43
Can you post photo of it?

Steven Tribe
29-Aug-2012, 01:37
This sounds like one of the early RR/Euryskops made during the serial number run from 22.000 to 30.000.
This is from before Voigtländer decided on what series they should make (series II to VI) and how fast these series should be (F4 - F7.7).
There is a long thread on this (will post name when I find it).
They are a very interesting group of lenses where some detective work is necessary to identify what you have.
The simple number 5 (or 3 or 6) is the most common indication - sometimes there are letters. I think you will find an exact match in the mentioned thread!

"Archaic/Proto Euryskop"

30-Aug-2012, 16:00
After quite a bit of checking it seems to be an Extra Rapid Euryscope #5 F6 lens 17 1/2 inchs for 11x14 portraits and 14x17 landscapes.