View Full Version : Venture into LF alternative prints

28-Aug-2012, 08:03
Yes, I am a rookie with LF. I want to try making 8X10 palladium prints. I am old school but not opposed to modern techno. I'm looking at a Vintage Ernaman Bob II roll film (8X10.5) camera with anastigmat style lens, is it worth investing in? (Please don't beat me to it) Whats a good source for the film? Fabricate a lens board with modern lens a good idea? Is there a way to enlarge the negative from my 6X9cm medium format onto a larger 8X10 negative? The Fuji lens is really sharp, would enlargement compromise image quality?

28-Aug-2012, 12:54
One of the ways some people make platinum and palladium prints is to make digital negatives using an epson and acetate, so you can use your 6x9 scan the neg and simply print it onto film, there are many books and articles on the subject to help get you started