View Full Version : Arista EDU Ultra 400 defect?

28-Aug-2012, 07:06
This is the first time I've used Arista EDU Ultra 400 and nearly every negative has these black specks near the corner. I don't think I've ever seen this problem with the other films I use, mainly HP5. Stand developed in Rodinal 1:100 if that matters.

Wondering if this is a defect of the film? I bought Arista for worthless snapshots like these because it's so cheap so it isn't really a big loss. Just want to make sure it isn't something I am doing.



Always appears near a corner like that. Any info is appreciated, thanks!

28-Aug-2012, 08:50
I had a defect that showed up in two boxes of Arista.edu 400 (5x7 AND 4x5). I talked to Freestyle about it and they confirmed the defect and refunded my money. Also apparently dumped the entire lot of film, which must have sucked. Apparently they also talked to Foma about it and are hoping the defect will be gone for the next shipment.

So...quite possible there is a defect, but if you talk to freestyle about it they may replace the film. You have to send them the remainder of the box and they test it. They are proactive about it though, if you work by their rules.

They look suspiciously like some sort of fingerprint, though. At least in location. Where you might pick up the film?

I've also heard someone mention that they thought there was some sort of debris in the boxes, and that if you tapped the film holders it would fall down. Could also be that...

Maris Rusis
28-Aug-2012, 15:19
If the specks are black in the positive they must be clear in the negative. Something must have been on the film to block light during exposure or on the film to prevent the developer getting in. Film coating defects can be anywhere on the film not selectively in the corners of cut sheets. I conjecture the marks are traces of finger prints acquired during film loading or unloading OR during cutting and packaging at the factory. My Arista Ultra Edu 400 sheets, 4x5 and 8x10, have been free of defects but I will be having an extra close look at the next batch to go through my holders.

29-Aug-2012, 04:00
Thanks for the info. I don't usually handle my negatives like that, obviously. Almost always by the sides is how I handle the film. And it shows up on nearly all of the 16 or so Arista negatives I've developed in the last couple weeks. Never seen it on HP5. But it may be possible. The marks are always right next to the notch but some specks work their way down and out, more spread out though and only a few here and there.

Freestyle says they have no known defects with Arista. I ordered 200 since they are out of 400 anyway. Hopefully it goes away. Most of the specks are cropped out of these snapshots anyway.

29-Aug-2012, 04:43
Just use exam gloves next time you do loading/unloading - it would rule out some of questions. Also check out glass on scanner and mounting station.