View Full Version : Linhof Planar rear element replacement?

Tim Werner
27-Feb-2004, 19:23
I have recently received a Linhof Planar 3.5/135mm in a Synchro-Compur shutter. Unfortunately it has considerable fungus damage in the rear element group. I was wondering if anybody knows where or even IF a replacement can be found? (rear element is all I need)

This is an older chrome style shutter and lens mounted on a recessed Technika IV board.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Feb-2004, 20:34
Not likely, unless you happen to find one with a damaged front element.

Have the lens professionally cleaned to keep it from getting worse, and you may find that it's not so bad despite the fungus. I got a mechanically perfect, fungus-ridden tele for 35mm really cheap once and invested about $80 in a cleaning from the old Professional Camera Repair in New York. The lens has coating damage, but it's still an exceptionally sharp lens that I use regularly. Also, if you have coating damage all on a single uncemented element (the cost is on the order of $150 per surface, I believe, so if it's more elements, it's probably not worth it), it may be worth having it recoated by Focal Point in Colorado.

Tim Werner
27-Feb-2004, 23:29
Here lies the problem... the damage is between cemented elements. Also, the damage is very noticeable on the ground glass. It covers about 20% of the lens. This is why I'm looking to replace just the rear group. I believe repair would be too costly.

I agree that finding a damaged unit with a good rear group would be the best fix. Now to find one......?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
28-Feb-2004, 07:59
While cleaning the inside of an uncommon Cooke Series X lens, I (with the aid of my cat) dropped a middle element, smashing it to pieces. I have been looking for a replacement element for over 10 years. I have watched quite a few of these rare lenses go by, but none of them were cheap enough to warrent purchasing. I think you may well find the same thing with your much more common Planar. Planars are very desirable, and the cheapest one you are going to find may well not be cheap enough.

Do contact John Van Stelton at Focal Point and at least ask him. It may be worthwhile to simply have the elements polished but not re-coated...

David A. Goldfarb
28-Feb-2004, 08:16
Definitely worth asking. It may turn out that the fungus is in the cement and may not have etched the glass, and even if it has etched the glass, having the elements separated and recemented may partially reduce the problem, and then you still have only two surfaces in the doublet to recoat if necessary.

So how much are the early style Planars going for these days? On eBay probably around $5-750 uncammed. If yours in cammed, it may be worth a $300 or so repair.

Frank Petronio
28-Feb-2004, 21:03
Focal Point does recementing, recoating, all that stuff - worth sending it for an estimate IMHO. They recoated a Rollei TLR for me; fixed a separation in another - excellent job. Can be slow though. http://www.focalpointlens.com/