View Full Version : Is this a good deal?

27-Aug-2012, 20:55
I hope nobody beats me to it if it is. :) I'm looking for my first LF camera. I'm a hiker, so I'm seeking a lightweight wood folder. This might be the one.

Wista Wood Field 4x5, good to excellent shape, with Nikkor-W 150mm f/5.6 lens, $799 with free shipping. Four film holders and a case are included.

Seems like a good deal, unless there's some gotcha I should be worried about.

I also found a Ikeda Anba Wood View 4X5 in what looks like pristine condition for $649, free shipping. Camera is complete but nothing else included (like lens or film holders or lens boards, etc)

I might want to pull the trigger on one of these - which one??!

John Kasaian
27-Aug-2012, 21:23
For the money, the Wista. For the wieght, the Ikeda.

Jim Jones
28-Aug-2012, 05:51
Patience! my Ikeda Anba in fine condition cost much less a year ago with a poor lens. Its advantage in weight is insignificant when several lenses, film holders, and other accessories are added.