View Full Version : Lenses that will fold up inside a Linhof Technika V

Mike Lewis
27-Feb-2004, 18:44
I would like to start a thread for folks to contribute their knowledge. I own a Linhof Technika V, with two lenses: a Nikkor 300 M, which will fold up inside the camera, and a Schneider SA 90mm, which will not. I would like to buy more lenses for this camera, and it might be useful to know which lenses will fold up inside of it. I realize this is not the most important factor in selecting a lens, I would just like to have that bit of information. I'm interested in modern (i.e., coated) lenses only. For instance, how about the Nikkor W series? Please let me know which lenses will fold up inside this camera. Thanks.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Feb-2004, 20:16
Good topic. This will apply equally, I believe, to the Tech IV, Master Tech, and Tech 2000.

Lenses that fold with my Tech V (and all have the additional virtue of accepting the small 42mm lens shade and filter holder):

Schneider 90/6.8 Angulon Schneider 150/4.5 Xenar Schneider 135-235/5.6-12 Symmar Convertible

Note that some lenses that don't fold on a flat board may fold on a recessed board. For instance, I have the later 135/3.5 Planar, which does not fold, but the earlier one came with its own special recessed board, which did allow it to fold.

27-Feb-2004, 21:53
180mm Symmar (in Compur on recessed board), 8.25" coated Dagor ( in enormous Ilex shutter on flat board) both fit. 240 Symmar does NOT.

Bob Finley
27-Feb-2004, 22:47
I have two which I selected in large part because they fold up into a IV.

Fuji W f5.6 125mm fits but only with the cap off, and a Caltar II-E f6.8 210mm. I believe the Caltar is a renamed Rodenstock Geronar. I also have a little Fujinon W f5.6 150 but it is only single coated and probably not what you are looking for.

28-Feb-2004, 03:14
Schneider 80XL on a recessed board Schneider G-Claron 240

Frank Petronio
28-Feb-2004, 06:07
The Linhof "slightly" recessed board is key, and either the Linhof release system or a Gepe cable release extension is the best way to use a recessed board. I can fold 135 Sironar-Ns on a flat board; 150 Sironar-Ns on the recessed. Also the 75/6.8 on a recessed without the cap. None of my 67mm filter sized lenses will fit, but most of the 58mm ones will.

Byron Rakitzis
4-Mar-2004, 01:35
The Rodenstock 150/5.6 APO Sironar S fits inside the camera on a flat board. So does the 300/9 APO Ronar, as does the Nikkor 200/8 M.

One key to the puzzle I found is the cutout in the camera bed: it will not accomodate for example the 58mm thread of the 150/5.6 APO Symmar. So the smaller Rodenstock lenses (49mm filters) and Nikkors (52mm filters) fit fine.

The 150/5.6 Symmar *will* fit with a recessed board, but IMO that's a poor reason to choose a recessed board -- the aperture is far more awkward to adjust this way.

26-Feb-2015, 12:26
Anybody know if a Schneider 110XL will fit in while folded, even w/a recessed board?

26-Feb-2015, 13:25
The Super-Technika V with 135mm f/3.5 Planar on a recessed board
without lens cap will fold with no harm to the lens. (I do not know
if the very late versions with larger front rim diameter will work.)

26-Feb-2015, 14:18
Anybody know if a Schneider 110XL will fit in while folded, even w/a recessed board?
looks like that's a "no".... the front of the lens is far too big to fit into the gap in the front bed so it looks like you'd have to recess it over 20mm to get safe clearance. Looking at my Master Tech, I think that'd have the rear elements banging into the ground glass.
I'm not sure that such a board exists for a copal 1 shutter ?