View Full Version : What became of Slavich paper?

John Kasaian
27-Aug-2012, 15:00
I know Freestyle stopped being the importer, but did they go out of business? Or is it just no longer available in the US?

peter schrager
27-Aug-2012, 17:55
get in touch with Laser Reflections...

Jim Fitzgerald
27-Aug-2012, 18:02
It was to much payola to get it into the states. To many hands wanting money!!!

28-Aug-2012, 02:48
Am I missing something?

There are two pages worth of Slavich (http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj598/William_Eggleston/7CDD168E-0FB1-4616-8278-D303CCBEBAE2-3995-000004B07C21E9D4.jpg) papers available at Freestyle.

28-Aug-2012, 19:00
Just purchased a pack of Slavich Bromportrait 80 (Double Weight) Glossy Grade #3 last week from Freestyle