View Full Version : 90mm Angulon differences

27-Aug-2012, 13:21
I see these two 90mm Angulon's for sale all the time on Ebay.

Is there any optical difference between the two?



E. von Hoegh
27-Aug-2012, 13:28
They are the same lens. The Linhof select is the more desireable, as Linhof tested each lens before they accepted it.

Kevin Crisp
27-Aug-2012, 15:03
I'd go with the later serial number over the Linhof branding. Though it looks like that one may be the later one. Same lens.

27-Aug-2012, 15:07

Frank Petronio
27-Aug-2012, 15:14
Serial numbers over 6M are usually superior, as are all of the Linhof selected ones regardless of serial number. I prefer the Synchro-Compur with many aperture blades instead of the later Copals with hexagonal apertures and a lower build quality.

I still wouldn't pay over $200 for any of them but remember that a recessed Linhof Technika board can easily cost $100 so sometimes it's worth it to pay a bit more to buy it in a nice board if you can use it.

27-Aug-2012, 20:06
If you not use on Linhof Technika IV or V and you don't have the recessed board, forget the left one. The lift one will cause more and not sure the cam match the lens or not. The cam is for IV or V. I have this lens for 4X5 without movement.

28-Aug-2012, 12:22
I have the non-Linhof one......which I don't use at all. If you want it let me know.