View Full Version : majestic tripod casters

26-Aug-2012, 07:10
I have an old majestic tripod 3300. just wondering if they make any casters for these. I checked B&H and they have 4 kinds. they seem to be for newer models. I tried to contact Bencher but no reply. any info is appreciated.

26-Aug-2012, 07:28
Yeah, I've tried several times to get "Bencher" to answer inquiries about Majestics and get crickets. I was looking for one of these caster sets too and it appears many are basically universal and can be adjusted to the legs you're using. Check out Quickset on Fleabay. I think this is what I'll end up with, for less than $100 too.

I was looking for some replacement 'knurled knobs' for my Majestic 4800 and Bencher's not talking. I don't think they much support these tripods anymore - even though they still sell them.

I think others here have had better luck than me with regard to Majestic parts.

26-Aug-2012, 08:34
I used furniture moving casters with mine.