View Full Version : Rough value on Cambo 4x5 + Nikkor 210 f5.6 outfit in excellent shape

25-Aug-2012, 10:13
I'm considering making an offer on a 4x5 camera locally that is in great condition. The problem is, the guy says to "make him an offer" and I don't really know what I should offer.

The main items are a Cambo 4x5 19.5 inch monorail in really good condition (glass, bellows, and mechanics seem to be very nice when I inspected them all) and a Nikkor W 210mm f5.6 (has all the boxes etc, is in amazing shape, he bought it new and figures he's fired the shutter 2-300 times maybe). He bought the body from a dealer 10 years ago used and we can't figure out what the "model" for it is, he's not sure of the age but my guess is in the 1990s. The lens he bought new. He's also including 4 Lisco double holders and a Polaroid 545 back and some old Polaroid paper that I assume is expired.

I'm thinking $500, he says he has put $1400 into it over the years but of course doesn't expect to get that out of it. He knows he can easily sell the outfit (or in pieces) on eBay, but realizes that is it's own hassle. I've poked around on eBay, KEH, etc, and the prices vary so wildly. I think the Cambo is a more basic monorail, not one of the more expensive models in their lineup from what I can tell.

I'm really looking forward to practicing on 4x5 to improve my game (slow down and think, etc) and I know if I pay the right price I can always ditch the gear for roughly what I paid if I decide it's not for me, but I don't want to take a big loss if I pay way too much.

I've attached a photo of the camera.

Is anyone familiar with current used value for these items?

25-Aug-2012, 10:45
Think 40 years old for the camera, the most basic model; no more than $150-200. Polaroid stuff should be free. 4 double holders $20. I will defer on the lens.

25-Aug-2012, 14:46
Values are quite hard, sellers want the best they can get :D

However I'd suggest finding something else around the $500 mark if he's not interested and they are available, I sold a Cambo camera a few months ago for much less with a lens, but not that model/lens. For that set up maybe $500 is about right if you bought off this Forum.


Alan Gales
25-Aug-2012, 15:05
I paid $600.00 for my Sinar P with Schneider 210mm f/5.6 lens and plastic Cambo case.

At most, I would think the whole kit that you are looking at would be worth $300.00. Of course I am quoting you Ebay prices.

25-Aug-2012, 16:52
I bought the same camera recently from this very forum. Cost me $200 camera only.

Marc B.
25-Aug-2012, 18:19
A very old Cambo SC(?).
Don't figure much more then $150 for the camera, up to $225 for the lens, and about $30 for the Lisco film holders.
Start with an offer of $325...I wouldn't exceed $425. The 545 Polaroid is useless these days.


25-Aug-2012, 19:12
It's hard to reply to your question without seemingly self promoting. However there is an excellent condition Cambo 45n for sell that on LFPF I bet you can get for less than 200 including a couple of lens boards. Another 300 for an excellent lens should be a short putt. You're in the right area offering 500 for the outfit and I would give much on that offer.
Good luck,

26-Aug-2012, 18:59
Thanks for the insights everyone