View Full Version : Polaroid 180 Tominon lens doesnt close aperture

25-Aug-2012, 05:43
Hello everybody,
I got problem with Tominon lens 114mm f4,5 on Polaroid 180. Can shot just wide open which is not too bad untill when I decide to use FP-3000B film:(
Is there anybody out there who have experience with this lens? Its probably something minor, but dont want to open lens by myself.



John Koehrer
25-Aug-2012, 14:34
So when you adjust the dial nothing happens? If it were an SLR lens it would be likely to be oil on the blades.
With this lens it could be a broken/missing pin or the connection may have just popped out of it's slot.

28-Aug-2012, 10:52
Can I screw off front lens element?

28-Aug-2012, 11:31
i have 75/4.5 Tominon, shot it few times, tossed in cupboard, havent checked since. Had vignetting on 4x5.

28-Aug-2012, 13:19
This one is fabric made on Polaroid 180 which use Fuji FP100c and 3000b instants. Cover 3,25 x 4,25 inches, Just need to fix aperture...Shutter works very well but I need to close aperture for time to time:)

John Koehrer
29-Aug-2012, 20:25
Can I screw off front lens element?

You can but it won't give access to the parts of the shutter housing you need.
The blades and operating ring are under everything else under the front cover(sync contacts, aperture ring, shutter blades. several springs and a bunch of screws) Not really that many screws though :)

31-Aug-2012, 03:47
Thanks John.