View Full Version : Special kind of "step-ring"

24-Aug-2012, 13:21
I'm looking for a kind of step-ring where I have a 58mm filter thread that goes out to a square/rectangular plate.

I'm going to use this to tape loose ndfilters om the lens without lightleek.

Does a thing like this exist?

It feels like I suck at describing this but I hope you guys get it :)

24-Aug-2012, 13:30
You can buy Coking P system holders/stepups - would run you about 12-20$, might even come with pouch and filters (they are uber cheap)

Lachlan 717
24-Aug-2012, 14:01
A Cokin Z-Pro (or even X-Pro if they make them in 58mm) ring, although round, will give you plenty of "flat surface" to tape filters on to.

Perhaps you could add some detail about the reason for wanting a setup like this?

24-Aug-2012, 21:50
Kodak also used to make a filter holder.

It is known as a Gelatin Filter Frame Holder. It can hold 75x75mm Kodak Wratten Filters. The mounting size if a Series 8, so you would need a step down to a 58mm lens thread.