View Full Version : NOVA Trimate processors and 8x10 film

Mike Troxell
26-Feb-2004, 13:48
Has anyone ever tried developing 8x10 film in the Nova Trimate or FB film print processors?

Ted Harris
26-Feb-2004, 14:53
Never tried it and not sure I see what the advantage is beyond the space saving advantage of the NOVA. You would have to keep moving the sheets in and out for agitation and you would have to work in the dark. So, other than space wouldn't it be a lot more convenient to work with regular trays in a temp controlled water bath? Am I missing something?

Armin Seeholzer
26-Feb-2004, 14:53

Not till now but if I get a 8x10 the next step would be a Nova Trimate in thad size then I know some photogs wich already do so! I have the large Quad from Nova and I like it for my paper work b&w and Ilfochrome!

Mike Troxell
26-Feb-2004, 15:23
"...Am I missing something?"

Sorry. I should have also told you that I was considering using them for stand development where the 8x10's would be in a vertical position for up to 30 minutes at a time without agitation.

Jan erala
28-Feb-2004, 09:43
I am also interested to get som information about 8x10 color processing in a Nova. With correct replenishment it would in theory be OK, but I'm sceptic about how even the results would be. Any out there with some true experiences?