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24-Aug-2012, 05:31
Hello, I'm new to the forum and posting this message because I am having a problem with the re-setting up of my Epson 3800 printer. I can't reach out to Epson for a couple of reasons, the printer is out of warranty and right now it's over in France with me where I am teaching a film / photography course this year at an American school.....So here's the problem, after the printer was shipped to me here it all arrived safely with no damage. On set-up everything's fine except that it will not switch out of Photo Black mode....Well the printer will, but the print dialogue always shows Photo Black options, not Matte Black. So when I try to print, ( to Epson Matte paper, EMP A2 size ), the printer gets switched to Photo Black. I cannot find the Photo Matte single weight paper option in the Printer Dialogue. I am working on a Mac with OS 10.7.4
In the Print Settings the Media Type only shows papers that I assume are intended for PhotoBlack ink, and probably why on trying to print anyway the 3800 switches ink type. The Single weight Matte Paper is greyed out. We are trying to print Black and White prints here at the class.
Before, back in the US with this printer, I never had this problem, printed to Matte all the time, ( I've never used PhotoBlack/Glossy )....So I assume that I am simply missing a setting somewhere on the iMac or the 3800.
All ink levels are good, in fact the MatteBlack is newly installed today.
The Color setting is at Advanced B&W Photo.
Color Toning- Neutral
Print Quality- Superfine - 1440dpi
We are using Adobe PS3 and PS4.
I would appreciate any help or suggestion, it's never good when the class instructor is scratching his head trying to get something that should be working fine going again!
Many thanks,

Jon Shiu
24-Aug-2012, 06:40
Maybe you should re-install the printer driver if you are not getting the matte paper options. You need to choose a matte paper type to have the option for printing with matte ink, if I remember correctly.