View Full Version : OptiVisor as alternate to focusing loupe

23-Aug-2012, 21:35
Thought I would introduce a product that's been around for decades, and makes a good alternative to traditional loupes.


It's called the 'OptiVisor'. It's a high-quality professional binocular magnifier, held in place by an adjustable headband.
The product includes a visor between your forehead and the lenses, covering the top and both sides, to shield your eyes.
Sufficient clearance is provided to permit normal eyeglass usage.

The standard version has glass lenses. A less-expensive version with plastic lenses is available.
Interchangeable lenses are available in various powers up to 10x. Just attach whichever one you want/have.

The pic above shows an auxiliary magnifier mounted over the right lens, which swings out of the way if not wanted.
It's an accessory, sold separately. It's not provided with the standard product.

These are designed for use in industrial assembly and inspection where they're worn eight hours a day, so they're comfortable.
They're available everywhere, including industrial suppliers and hobby shops.

- Leigh

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this product whatsoever; just a happy user for many years. And it's made in the USA.

24-Aug-2012, 03:24
An Optivisor would be a bulky addition to my traveling bag, but I find one invaluable for cleaning dust from negatives and spotting prints. Thanks for bringing this to the forum's attention.

24-Aug-2012, 06:33
I also find Optivisor useful for many tasks but too bulky to travel with. But good suggestion; It may be just what some folks need.