View Full Version : Linhof camera, what is this?

Bill, 70's military B&W
23-Aug-2012, 17:51
79286I just bought a beautiful IV Technika with a 210 Schneider Symmar-S, looks in mint condition.
They are sending some accessories in another package. This is one of the items and I do not know, nor does the seller know what it is.
I hope the attachment works.

David A. Goldfarb
23-Aug-2012, 17:59
That looks like the bracket for attaching the compendium shade, but it's missing one of the pins.

23-Aug-2012, 18:31
David is correct! Missing a pin but what the heck --you can improvise! I tough item to locate by itself.

Bob Salomon
24-Aug-2012, 01:25
Correct, that is what it is. Linhof made these in three versions. One for a large square chrome rod, one for a small round rod and the current one for a small square black rod. In order to put this in use you need to have the compendiunm that uses the rods tht this model of the adapter fits.

In addition, there were different configurations of the rods, one version for the TK, one for the Kardan and one for the Technika.

So for this to work for you you need to have the missing pin replaced and find the Technika configured compendiun with the rods that t=fit the holes in your adaptr. Otherwise your adapter is scrap metal.

Bill, 70's military B&W
25-Aug-2012, 08:13
Thanks everyone,
The seller has some additional parts that I am buying, and it includes a "bellows extension". I'll bet the bellows extension is actually a compendium shade. They sent a picture and it has a rod like Bob described.
Again thanks, and by the way somehow that bellows has a rip in it and will need to be repaired/replaced.
They are also sending a rangefinder that fits on top of the camera, it slides into the bracket, it is round.
Question I have is, as I have been reading about Linhof cameras people talk about "should I remove the range finder, and everyone says not to, that removing is easy, putting it back on is a factory job. Is this small round range finder the one they are talking about?