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Drew Bedo
22-Aug-2012, 07:45
I have been looking at the PhotoBackPacker/LightGear storage bozxes for my 4xz5 kit. Anybody using this system?

Drew Bedo
22-Aug-2012, 07:50
I have been looking at the storage system from PhotoBackpacker/LightGear. Looks interesting. Does anyone here have experience with this system?

Kirk Gittings
22-Aug-2012, 07:52
Yes it seems to work well for my camera and a couple of lenses. I use it in the center of my backerboard with film holders above and a 3x Gnass lens case below. That's in a Kelty Redwing. What do you want to know?

Michael Graves
22-Aug-2012, 08:26
I have one for my 4x5 Chamonix and one for my 5x7 Canham. I like them very much. I don't use the backpack, so I can't comment on that. As Kirk asks, what specifically do you want to know? Yes, the cameras fit just fine. No, they aren't 100% waterproof. Yes, they are lightweight but sturdy. No, there isn't room for your lunch.

Drew Bedo
22-Aug-2012, 09:09
Thanks guys. I wanted to know if this is "good gear". Does the quality justify the price? Is it well edesigned and well exicuted and so on.

Thanks for your posative responses. I'm looking for flexability in packing a LowePro Trekker pack and a Pelixcan role-around,among other bags.

Sounds like I'll pick up a few pieces at a time and see how it goes.

Kirk Gittings
22-Aug-2012, 09:19
Frankly I think they are a bargain.

Alan Gales
22-Aug-2012, 11:11
I use one with my Tachihara 4x5. I also have the lens case that holds four lenses on Technika boards. I don't use them with a backpack so I can't comment on that.

They are very well made and I really like them.

22-Aug-2012, 11:11
Given the value of the contents, I find them to be a great value. I use them for all my lenses and cameras.

22-Aug-2012, 12:31
Fantastic. I have the P1 and a variety of other doodads - cascade film holder, camera case, lens etc. I've put about 50 miles into my pack and it has lived up to all expectations. At first I thought it was too large for 4x5 - but strangely I managed to fill all the space. I also recently bought a smaller kelty 44 backpack and backer board from photobackpacker for shorter trips or those where I need to fit everything into carry-on space. I have to admit that the 44 is actually a wee bit tight for storing everything... Highly recommend their gear.


Joseph Dickerson
22-Aug-2012, 14:13

If you do a search for Photo Backpacker on the gear forum you'll find lots of comment/questions/endorsements.

I can't recall a single negative thing posted about Bruce or his gear.

Like Mitomac, I use the Kelty P-1 and the Kelty 44 with backer boards, camera cradle (I shoot Sinar), cascade film holder, lens cases etc., etc. The stuff has never let me down. And the Kelty packs are so much more comfortable than any camera backpack I have ever tried. True, I have not tried them all, but I'd like to have all the money I've spent over the years on packs I didn't like. Could probably buy a new truck. :)

By the way, I found a Domke insert that is a perfect fit for the Kelty 44 and use that combination for my digital gear.


Joseph Dickerson
22-Aug-2012, 14:17

You seem to have posted this in two different forums. There's a lot of us older folks on this forum that get confused by things like that! :p


Kirk Gittings
22-Aug-2012, 14:27
I merged these two threads. Please don't make multiple threads of the same subject.

22-Aug-2012, 18:41
I use the lens storage cases in a Lowepro Minitrekker - they are very handy and keep the lenses very snug. I've had the zip fail on one of them, but it's still in use (albeit with a rubber band). No complaints...


22-Aug-2012, 18:55
Great products. I have 3 packs and a variety of lens boxes.

His film holder bags are much better than Gnass by the way and available for multiple formats. I should not say that because I keep meaning to sell my Gnass holders!

neil poulsen
23-Aug-2012, 10:16
I have one that just about perfectly matches my Deardorff 8x10. It's well protected in this container.

23-Aug-2012, 13:44
I have been using a Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/855681-REG/Lowepro_LP36424_PWW_Flipside_Sport_15L_AW.html). I cut the interior in two and added velcro in order to use either half or the whole thing depending on how much non-photo gear I need to bring.

I fit my Chamonix 45N-2, 6 film holders, 5 medium to small sized lenses on boards, my tiny Gossen Digisix meter, Peak 10X loupe, several step up rings and filters, and some snacks in the main compartment. On the outside I fit a 1.5 liter camelbak, headlamp, CF tripod with an Acratech head and a good mountaineering shell. I can usually do 10-15 miles with this if I pack a small bottle of water purification tabs, maybe more if I carry 4 lenses and put in more food, it weighs 21 pounds at the most.

Drew Bedo
23-Aug-2012, 18:45
Thank you everyone, for your helpful comments and tips on using this gear.

Thanks to the admins for consolodating these threads,

Well now—I do have a birthday coming up and there is Christmas too . . . .HONEY ???

RW Hawkins
23-Aug-2012, 22:03
I like the Photobackpacker stuff because it strikes a good balance between padding bulk, weight and protection. Definitely better than most other options I have used.

24-Aug-2012, 14:25
Please contact me. I will replace that case.


24-Aug-2012, 14:30
I have the system with the Kelty backpack. It is just excellent, very comfortably and so versatile!

Robert Budding
26-Aug-2012, 05:48
Great system. I've had mine for about 4 years now, and it's holding up well.