View Full Version : Rodenstock 90mm 4.5 Grandagon Filter

Serge J-F. Levy
25-Feb-2004, 08:51
The Rodenstock 90mm f4.5... can that take a filter on it without creating vignetting? Presumably it would have to be a slim?

David Karp
25-Feb-2004, 09:08
I use standard 82mm Tiffen, Hoya, or B+W filters with my 90 f/4.5 Grandagon N without vignetting.

Jim Galli
25-Feb-2004, 09:45
Depends on your use somewhat too. Architecture on 5X7 would be far more demanding than landscape on 4X5.

Claire Curran
25-Feb-2004, 15:33
I have the Rodenstock 90m, 4.5 Grandagon. I use standard screw in filters on it and the Lee system filters and holder. You can easily vignette if you aren't careful, especially when using swings and tilts. When shooting an image with a filter on the 90m, I normally leave the lens in the neutral position or raise or lower it minutely. With the lens in the neutral position, I can more readily use the tilt without vignetting. Practice with your lens. After a few vignetting mistakes you will get the hang of how far you can go with the lens. You can also tape filters to the back of the lens. Do this before you focus because focus shift is likely.