View Full Version : Lancaster Instantaneous meniscus 8 1/4" lens

22-Aug-2012, 01:51
Anybody out there have Lancaster Instantaneous meniscus 8 1/4" lens? I need to know some measurements, especially glass diameter.
VM says Instantaneous meniscus lenses were a new form and were sold with a shutter, and 8 1/4" was on list too.

27-Aug-2012, 18:23
I have a Lancaster meniscus lens that could possible fit the description from the VM. No shutter though. Visible glass diameter at the rear is ~43mm, at the inside ~ 44mm. THe largest iris opening is ~21mm So somewhere between f10-f11. Scale is marked in F10 to 30 with a Time scale in parallel 1-2-4-8.

Mounting thread is 53mm.

Lens is only marked J Lancaster& Sons, Patent Birmingham

28-Aug-2012, 13:57
Rudi, thanks for the info, much appreciated!

I like your photos on your web.

29-Aug-2012, 00:14
Thanks and you're welcome :)