View Full Version : What are the best options for Framing/Presenting Platinum/Palladium Prints?

David Aimone
21-Aug-2012, 17:14
I'm newly into PT/PD printing, and I was wondering how people frame these and other alternative prints. It almost seems a shame to put plexi or glass over the photo, and since they're pretty much UV proof, glass would only serve to protect from more immediate damages, correct?

Just curious how people handles these. The texture of the prints is so beautiful, it would be nice to keep it exposed. Paintings are usually presented that way, but should it be different for a photograph?

Bruce Pottorff
21-Aug-2012, 17:23
I saw Jim Fitzgerald's show in Ventura a couple of weeks ago, and his gorgeous carbon prints were presented unglazed. They looked amazing.

21-Aug-2012, 17:24
Around the house short term I generally go glassless for the reasons you say. However long term you start running into problems with dust and humidity. A lot of exhibition places require glass and the stipulate it. I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with liability. It used to irritate me to have to put that beautiful surface behind a sheet of glass but now I find that the glassy gloss actually lends something to some images.


21-Aug-2012, 17:40
I know what you mean. My carbon prints with a raised relief are great without glass. In one show I went without glass. I found that the wood frames stained the outer front edge of the mat (not visible when in the frame). I should have used some sort of barrier tape so the mat did not touch the wood. I'll have to remat them one of these days if I want to present the prints in a portfolio box.

Water damage, fly/spider shit, and improper dusting are other the worries that one would have. Oil and acrylic paints are pretty tough. Are watercolors usually glass-covered? I think so. Be willing to re-mat if dirty fingers (or flies)go where they should not! I mat with 8-ply rag -- so that's about $10 and my time if I need to re-mat!

22-Aug-2012, 14:03
I've been wondering this as well. Tricky to deal with. Everything seems to have pros and cons and I can't figure out what's best for me. I've been searching for different framing and mounting methods trying to come up with something that seems the best compromise, haven't yet.