View Full Version : Repurposing an PA-45 Instant Pack Film Holder to accept small pack film?

21-Aug-2012, 12:25
I'm starting to toy with the idea of repurposing a PA-45 or Polaroid 550 to accept smaller pack films (however horrible the frankenholder would look). Any of you know of anyone who has done this? Lot's of challenges, I'm sure. Just curious if anyone has done it.

RIP FP100C/B45.

21-Aug-2012, 12:27
PS I know there is the Fuji PA-145 and the Polaroid 405, which I may one day buy. Just thinking DIY style.

21-Aug-2012, 13:21
I thought about DIYing something like this, since the PA-145 and 405 are so egregiously expensive, it seems. I was thinking to instead start with a normal double-darkslide holder, cannibalize that, and put it together with one of the cheap polaroid backs for the smaller size film. (something like ebay item: 110928554742) Essentially mount up something to allow fitting a graflok back, and somehow make a window (using darkslide?) to fit the smaller FP100c film size. Was thinking using a DDS to get the ridge that is integral to a 4x5 back.

I ended up not going down that road, as I finally found a Fuji PA-145 for $100 BIN on ebay. With patience, the smaller holders (145, 405) can be found in the $90-100 range, but it can take a while and you have to be looking all the time.

24-Aug-2012, 10:08
Sounds like we had similar ideas. I may just hold out and do what you did and just wait for one of the two appropriate holders to come up cheap on ebay. Thanks for the feedback!

25-Aug-2012, 18:06
Sure, glad to help. Let us know how it works out.